Why Are More in Retirement Taking Up Travel Nursing?

Travel nurses are one of the most sought after professionals these days. It seems there is a shortage of nurses, with the majority of the ones who have degrees in nursing wanting to stay put where they are. This is because travel is not for everyone.

People who have found travel nursing to be a great opportunity are people who have retired from earlier professions. The question is: why are retired people taking up travel nursing? It seems there are many reasons that can answer that question. The ability to be in comfortable scrubs adds more enjoyment as well.

  • The Economy. With the cost of living going up, but pensions and Social Security staying level, or even going down, retired people are forced to find ways to make an income to help with the bills and being able to eat. The pay and benefits of being a travel nurse are just to good to pass up.
  • Paid To Travel. After retirement, it can be very difficult for many to be able to afford to travel to locations they have never seen. A great way to do some traveling after retirement is to become a travel nurse. As a travel nurse, a person is temporarily hired to work in a remote location. Before accepting the position, the person will know where, and how long they will be there. This will be a great way to see areas that the retired person never has, and they will know when they return.
  • Widow/Widower. It could possibly be that the retired person's mate passed away. Wanting something to do, having that desire to help take care of someone, the retired find travel nursing a great way to "heal" from the loss of their loved one. They can take care of someone much like they did their spouse in prior years.
  • Housing. Many retired people find themselves in housing that is much too large and hard to keep up with. By taking on travel nursing, they can sell or rent their home. As a travel nurse, all housing is taken care of through the company they contract through. In many cases, there are food allowances too.
  • Be Closer To Family Or Friends. Many family members have sometimes been forced to move far from other immediate family members. It could be for many reasons such as employment or because the spouse's family is there. As a traveling nurse, a retired person can sometimes set up a position that takes them and their partner close to their family members.
  • Working Little Or A Lot. One of the biggest advantages to being retired and taking on travel nursing is being able to work short stints or long ones. A traveling nurse can take one job for say, three months, and then take the next year off. As a traveling nurse, they don't have a set contract saying they just have to keep working and working. The pay is so good, many make in three months what other nurses make in one year.

It is a great possibility there are retired people reading this wondering how to become a travel nurse. The first step is to attend nursing school. To become an RN, the school could take anywhere from 2-4 years depending on the school and curriculum taken. After that part is done, they must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. One year of work in a hospital must be completed following that.

The traveling nurse job is the simple part. In most circumstances, going through a staffing agency is the best way. They will set up an interview at a hospital of your choice in the area of the country of your choice. Most travel nursing jobs are located in remote locations. It is a great way for retired people to see the country.

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