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Monday, 3 March 2014

Has 'The Voice' become the Best Reality Competition on TV?

There's a line in Robert Redford's 1994 film, Quiz Show, which reveals much about the American TV viewing public. A producer justifies the spurious methods of his show, "Twenty-One" thus: "The audience didn't tune in to watch some amazing display of intellectual ability. They just wanted to watch the money."

Thanks to "American Idol," viewers now understand a salient fact about the music industry. It's a fact that harshly chafes the soft noses of anyone who has ever attended Juilliard or even the Berklee College of Music for a single day: Singers are a dime a dozen. Singers with talent are maybe a dollar a dozen. The point is, if you've got talent, you'd better be able to sell it. "American Idol" gave singers that opportunity.

We know that the moment we tune in for is not the soaring, show-stopping high note. It's the moment between the end of that note and the first line out of any judge's mouth. That's the moment people set their DVRs for. Everything around that moment is just filler. In light of this, this one moment in an hour, how can a savvy network planner hope to keep things fresh? Surely they must know, if no one else does, that nothing is forever.

It seems NBC's executives have already hit upon the answer. The evidence is "The Voice" winning the Emmy for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program. What led up to that award was the acknowledgment that these shows, like their subjects, were in dire need of a good pitch to move them up in the public's – read, "judge's" – eye.

"The Voice" has sold itself as a kinder, gentler "Idol." Absent is the audience-approved schadenfreude of Simon Cowell dissolving unworthy contestants with urbane acid. We tune in to watch “The Voice” to see encouragement, tough love, and empathy.

In other words, it's all about the judges.

"Idol" gave us the likes of Paula Abdul and Mariah Carey, celebrities with rivers of tabloid ink behind them. Who hasn't turned on the radio the day after a show to hear armchair critics' assessment of Ms. Abdul's behavior, Ms. Carey's wardrobe, or the catty in-fighting? Not too many words wasted on the singers. Not in recent times, anyway. It's about which judge has the best retort. It's about that moment right after the high note ends.

All this points to a basic flaw in the show's design: It can't be sustained for very long before all but the show's most ardent admires grow weary. Producers of the show by contrast, have given us judges with a collective heart. They have chemistry. They tease each other playfully. They are folks you'd watch the Voice on a weekly basis.

Furthermore, it's clear that the focus of the show itself, in theory, is the singers. The very fact that the judges physical turn their backs to the stage in order to listen to the contestants without prejudice demonstrates a powerful message to the show's main competitor. Looks mean nothing, in theory, that is.

After all, we tune in to reality competitions with the knowledge that reality doesn't take place on a stage. Recently it was revealed that while "Biggest Loser" contestants are genuinely surprised at their weigh-in results, that is, in fact, a dummy scale they’re standing on. This does not matter one bit to the show's fans. Nor should it. That's not what they're tuned in for. They want to watch the money, or in this case, the pounds.

The heightened reality of reality TV takes its viewers to somewhere just beyond their couches, to a world of people just like them; plain, ordinary folks who get to mingle with the likes of Adam Levine, and get words of gentle encouragement, not insults. If that isn't escapist entertainment, nothing is.

"The Voice" is a new direction for reality competition shows to follow. Whether or not they'll actually follow it is anyone's guess. But network executives have an unwritten, unspoken rule: Follow the Emmy.

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Why Are More in Retirement Taking Up Travel Nursing?

Travel nurses are one of the most sought after professionals these days. It seems there is a shortage of nurses, with the majority of the ones who have degrees in nursing wanting to stay put where they are. This is because travel is not for everyone.

People who have found travel nursing to be a great opportunity are people who have retired from earlier professions. The question is: why are retired people taking up travel nursing? It seems there are many reasons that can answer that question. The ability to be in comfortable scrubs adds more enjoyment as well.

  • The Economy. With the cost of living going up, but pensions and Social Security staying level, or even going down, retired people are forced to find ways to make an income to help with the bills and being able to eat. The pay and benefits of being a travel nurse are just to good to pass up.
  • Paid To Travel. After retirement, it can be very difficult for many to be able to afford to travel to locations they have never seen. A great way to do some traveling after retirement is to become a travel nurse. As a travel nurse, a person is temporarily hired to work in a remote location. Before accepting the position, the person will know where, and how long they will be there. This will be a great way to see areas that the retired person never has, and they will know when they return.
  • Widow/Widower. It could possibly be that the retired person's mate passed away. Wanting something to do, having that desire to help take care of someone, the retired find travel nursing a great way to "heal" from the loss of their loved one. They can take care of someone much like they did their spouse in prior years.
  • Housing. Many retired people find themselves in housing that is much too large and hard to keep up with. By taking on travel nursing, they can sell or rent their home. As a travel nurse, all housing is taken care of through the company they contract through. In many cases, there are food allowances too.
  • Be Closer To Family Or Friends. Many family members have sometimes been forced to move far from other immediate family members. It could be for many reasons such as employment or because the spouse's family is there. As a traveling nurse, a retired person can sometimes set up a position that takes them and their partner close to their family members.
  • Working Little Or A Lot. One of the biggest advantages to being retired and taking on travel nursing is being able to work short stints or long ones. A traveling nurse can take one job for say, three months, and then take the next year off. As a traveling nurse, they don't have a set contract saying they just have to keep working and working. The pay is so good, many make in three months what other nurses make in one year.

It is a great possibility there are retired people reading this wondering how to become a travel nurse. The first step is to attend nursing school. To become an RN, the school could take anywhere from 2-4 years depending on the school and curriculum taken. After that part is done, they must pass the NCLEX-RN exam. One year of work in a hospital must be completed following that.

The traveling nurse job is the simple part. In most circumstances, going through a staffing agency is the best way. They will set up an interview at a hospital of your choice in the area of the country of your choice. Most travel nursing jobs are located in remote locations. It is a great way for retired people to see the country.

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Facebook Style Question2Answer Template

#Facebook Style Question2Answer Theme

Today I am releasing my Facebook Style Question2Answer Template. Design and color combination of this Q2A template is very much similar to facebook’s design. This facebook style Question2Answer template has very attractive design and is full of various customizations and features. Its easy to use because it looks a lot like Facebook. I hope you like this.

Facebook Style Question2Answer Template

How to install this Question2Answer template?

  1. Download this template from the given link.
  2. Upload the .Zip file in your Q2A-Direcotryqa-theme
  3. Unzip the .Zip file.
  4. Now Goto Admin > General
  5. Select the FacebookTheme From Dropdown and Click on Save.
  6. You Are Done!

Most Important Notice: You Must Contain Footer Links If You Wants to Use this Template.
Please Support My Work - Make a donation - Via Paypal

If You Need Any Help related to This Template Comment Below I will help You As Soon a Possible.

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Invisible Helmet Will Protect Your Head

# 'Invisible bike helmet' is an airbag for your head

Who do not wear helmets while driving two wheeler vehicle, but like security. For such people 'invisible helmet' is ready. The “invisible” bicycle helmet that uses technology similar to a vehicle airbag has been developed in Sweden. They have created a thesis on this. Swedish company 'Hoding' takes the design from both students, and turned into the 'invisible helmet'. Wear it around the collar, it is attractive.

Invisible Bike Helmet

Accident or any other cause during the drive will open the helmet and will cover the entire head of the driver. It work just like Airbags in cars. After starting the drive it need to switch on. Invisible helmet cost is about Rs 30 thousand or arround 399 Euros ($536).

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Man Makes TERMINATOR Style Motorbike Helmet

#TERMINATOR Style Motorbike Helmet

Biker Made TERMINATOR-style motorbike helmet. West Midland resident motorbike enthusiast Dave Waut (52) at a cost of Rs 90 lakh has challenged Google's glass technology. The Terminator style "Heads up Display"(HUD) has made, which is attached to their helmets with ease. This TERMINATOR Style Motorbike Helmet provides many benefits to rider. The HUD is attached to a helmet and displays the speedometer, rev counter, gear and time in the rider’s eyesight, so they do not have to take their eyes off the road. Dave explains that The system consists of three parts: the HUD display, which is fixed to the helmet, plus an on-board computer and GPS unit, which are both fitted in the body of the motorbike.

He also increased the visibility of their road. Father of three children, Dave started working on it in 2010. It took them three years to achieve success. Next month they will begin selling its 30 thousand rupees to get all of the benefits of the technology.

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Creme de la Mer's £12,500 Wonder pot on Christmas

# Creme de la Mer's Wonder pot on Christmas

Crème de la Mer (Sea Cream). This anti aging cream in the world is always a topic of discussion. Now the company for its customers on the occasion of Christmas has brought a special cream. Regularly its price is £105, but this time cream is priced at £12,500. The uniqueness of this cream is its beautiful case. Case is designed by the famous French jeweller Boucheron.

On Oceanic Theme, Boucheron used real pearls in the design of the case. The precious blue stones are Imposed on it. The makers of the 'miracle' cream, Estee Lauder, claim that its formula was discovered in the 1970s by NASA scientist Dr Max Huber. An aerospace physicist, Huber was badly injured when a routine experiment to develop rocket fuel went wrong, and an explosion left him with severe burns on his hands and face. After years of research, he had to devise a natural chemical formula of the cream. This cream is the choice of Sienna Miller, Angelina Jolie, Johnny Depp and other famous Celebrities.

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Saturday, 1 March 2014

FreeKall - Now Free Call Anywhere Without Internet

Everyone want to make free call means not pay for calls. I'm a Vodafone (Haryana) user and my call charges are 1.5 Paise/Second. Now you can make free call using FREEKALL to any mobile or landline for free without using internet or installing any applications.

FREEKALL is a Bangalore-based Cloud telephony startup founded by Yashas C Shekar, Vijayakumar Umaluti and Sandesh E. The service is launched on March 1 and is open for public beta for now.

To use the service, you need to call their number 080-49202060 (Free) call will be auto disconnect after that you will receive a call back. Answer the call and dial the number whom you want to call. Your call will be connected via FREEKALL and you will be calling someone for absolutely free. it supports only 3 min/day for unregistered and 12 min/day for Registered user of free calling. To register, go to and fill the details. Once the beta is over, the users can talk for as long as they want for free.


If you are thinking how they do it, So keep in mind they will be earning from you when you have to listen to an advertisement for 10 seconds. The Ad might sound a bit irritating but then they are providing you with free calling. FREEKALL is Great Service when you don't have balnce and you need to make a Urgent Call.

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